The story behind the name

My mother taught me to crochet and macrame when I was a child. I could do basic granny squares, and she and I made a throw that covered our couch for years. I fell away from the craft until just after she died in December 2016. I guess it was my way to reconnect with her. She had suffered from multiple chronic illnesses for over half my life that became increasingly severe, and at the end, she was a ghost of who she used to be.

Very shortly after I also decided that I wanted to teach myself to knit, then to make faux fur poms, then to sew, and on it goes.

Peridots & Pearls is a tribute to my mother. Peridots are her birthstone and pearls are mine, so my name and logo reflect her influence on me as a person and as a maker. Every piece I make carries love and memories of her. She would be so thrilled at what I've started to create here, and that people are enjoying what I make. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

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